2:45pm – Sarah Callaghan: The Pigeon Dying Under The Bush

Award-winning comedian Sarah Callaghan fresh from two hugely successful shows and tours of Australia returns to the Fringe with a show inspired by an incredibly lucky escape – forcing her to re-evaluate everything – life, loneliness and fat charges for sky-dives. And most importantly, why do animals and birds have it so much easier, even when they are taking their last breaths beneath shrubbery?

In her early 20s Sarah was known to get angry, particularly when her neighbour Donna wouldn’t shut up about her latest genital operation whilst attracting the local vermin to their shared front garden with mouldy bread.  But as she reached her quarter life crisis last year, it often just takes a single moment to change your life forever.  For Sarah, that moment could easily have been a near-death car accident, or the moment she jumped out of a plane attached to a rude prick.  It could have been the moment she ate her own weight in ice cream or tried to steal from the set of 8 out of 10 cats.  But instead, out of nowhere, it was the moment a pigeon came crash landing into a bush outside her house.  Pigeons, it turns out, have 9 lives too, but maybe we only have one.  So let’s be angry no more – well, maybe just a bit! A show about the miracles we need to be happy, zen and stay alive.

‘Sharp and funny…When watching I found it hard not to think “How did comedy that tight come out of someone who chronologically can’t have been doing this that long?”. Her ease on stage is contagious.  No impersonations or corny artificial personas – just a young lady-geezer talking funny for an hour. Damn the industry needs more of that.’ ★★★★ The Music.comAustralia May 2017

‘The instant she steps on stage you know you’re in the presence of someone new and special’ ★★★★★ Daily Mirror

‘Fiercely impressive’ ★★★★ Scotsman

‘A powerhouse – an utter natural’ ★★★★ Chortle

Sarah Callaghan: The Pigeon Dying Under The Bush

Espionage, Kasbar @ 2:45pm

3rd-11th August 2017

Part of the Free Fringe

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