10:45pm – The Not So Late Show


“A chaotic mix of guests, sketches, film and chat, with a large dollop of nonsense thrown in for good measure. Takes its cue from early Reeves and Mortimer while at the same time pokes fun at the American-style late night chat show format. The Not So Late Show is setting a high benchmark for alternative comedy”  – YORKSHIRE POST ****

Making their Edinburgh Fringe debut at the Pleasance, it’s future household names Ross Brierley & Josh Sadler with The Not So Late Show, a twisted late night comedy chat show multimedia mash-up, featuring a plethora of special guests, sketches, short films, music and pure, unadulterated fun.

Experience the thrill of seeing a late-night TV chat show live on stage, featuring short filmed sketches, spoof adverts and pop culture parodies, all presented on the imaginary TV channel “NSL TV”.  A winning combination of the silliness of Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out, the high concept nonsense of A Bit of Fry and Laurie and the alternate reality of Comedy Bang! Bang!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder how a plastic baby could possibly play the keyboard. You’ll ask at the end for a copy of Alan Bennett’s Nu Metal Classics and look at Super Mario in an entirely new light. You’ll tell all your friends you saw the most wonderful, nonsensical and exciting show of the Fringe, further validating you in the eyes of your peers and you’ll be hailed as a visionary cultural genius with impeccable taste, all thanks to The Not So Late Show.

Creators Ross & Josh have amassed a devoted cult following in Leeds since the show’s inception in January 2015, touring the UK and releasing hit sketches on their YouTube channel, including the viral success UK Garage Horse Racing, which has over 10 million views online (and counting), and was broadcast on E4’s Virtually Famous having been dubbed ‘the funniest thing in the world’ by Comedy Central.


ROSS: All dressed up with nowhere to go, your host is the captain of a ship sailing off course. The ‘straight man’ of proceedings, he introduces the guests, delivers the monologues and drives the entire show. If only he knew the directions.

JOSH: A tiny, hairy man who smells vaguely of wild onions, Josh is a yo-yo wielding, bell ringing, pizza eating co-host of some repute. He also looks alarmingly like many of the guests…


Baby John: Everyone’s favourite inanimate, endearingly terrifying, plastic talking baby is your house band for the evening. He is both six months old yet seemingly immortal.

John-Michael Jars: The West Midland’s finest Jean-Michel Jarre tribute act. He has two loves in life; pioneering French electronica and jars.

Super Mario: Yes, the beloved Italian plumber…or is he a Glaswegian actor taking a break from stardom to pursue other interests after the untimely demise of his ‘brother’ Luigi?

And much, much more!

Ross and Josh are based in Leeds, and have been working together since November 2014. They have known each other since school but were not friends at the time because Josh was a youthful alcoholic and Ross was an over confident dick.  They were finalists in the Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off! 2017.

Ross is an experienced radio and TV broadcaster and professional gambler whilst Josh is an accomplished video animator, sound engineer and amateur campanologist.

They are both stand-up comedians and have been performing since 2012, with a number of stand up. They conceived The Not So Late Show at The Hull Comedy Festival (where all great ideas are born) and subsequently set-up a monthly residency in Leeds. They’ve also performed the show to The Leeds Comedy Festival, The Great Yorkshire Fringe, Darlington Comedy Festival, The Cube Cinema in Bristol and the Leicester Comedy Festival.

They presented The Ross & Josh show on Radio Yorkshire, a weekly experiment in to how much nonsense two men can speak on the radio without being asked to leave.

Their short film, Finding Freddie, about discovering that Freddie Mercury was both alive and Welsh and living out his days in the valleys, has been featured at several short film festivals and a series is now in development.


And if you’ve been living under a rock and have not seen UK Garage Horse Racing have a gander at the original here…



Edinburgh Debut


Venue:                        Pleasance Dome – Jack Dome

Time:                          10.45pm

Dates:                         4th – 28th August (except 14th)                   

Previews:                   2nd & 3rd August


For more information please contact Impressive PR on 0207 284 3444

Mel Brown: mel@impressivepr.com / 07802 796769

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